Church and Baptism

Church and Baptism

In this session, Pastor Leake answers the questions regarding how to find a church and why membership in a local church is important. He also seeks to briefly clear up some confusion regarding baptism. We invite you to listen along!

How does memorizing the Bible help me?

In this session, Pastor Leake explains what Bible memorization is, why it is helpful to every believer, and even discusses a few helpful techniques that every believer can implement.

What do I do when I encounter temptations and trials?

Every person will encounter trials in their life along with temptations. How are Christians supposed to respond to temptations or trials that enter their life? In this session, Pastor Leake answers this question as well as explains the difference between a trial and a...

Why is Christian fellowship important?

Continuing along in the “Getting Started with Christ” series, Pastor Leake answers the question of why it is important for every believer, new or old, to engage in Christian fellowship. He explains what fellowship is and how it looks different than simply hanging out....

How should I pray?

Many Christians struggle to understand prayer. What is prayer? How should we pray? What should we say in our prayers? How often should we pray? Pastor Leake will answer questions like these in this installment of the “Getting Started with Christ” series. Listen along...