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The Bible

A big book with an important message from God, but understanding that message can seem daunting to many newcomers.






Short and clear answers to common questions about the Bible. Discover audio series is the place to begin.





Getting Started with Christ

A series for those of you who have recently come to faith and want to start your new Christian life well.




Grounding Your Faith

Learn basic Christian doctrines that will strengthen your faith.






Attributes of God

Want to know God better?  The true God of heaven. The One who is the source of all life and existence.




Our Great Salvation

How does God save us from our sins and deliver us from evil? See God’s work on our behalf.




Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

Psalms 119:105

Faith for Life’s Journey

Divine Guidance, Delivering Power, Delightful Living, Dauntless Hope.  I dedicate this book to all those who want to know the right kind of faith in the midst of a cacophony of confusing voices, and then walk the path of excellent faith through life and into a glorious eternity.

Discover Audio Series

Learn the answers to your most basic questions about the Bible. A great place to start!

Getting Started with Christ Series

If you are a brand new believer, this series will give you a solid foundation for your new life in Jesus.

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