How do I learn how to read my Bible?

This is the beginning of our second series at the Simple and Scriptural audio blog. Our first series was the “Discover Series” which is aimed at helping people discover Christ and Christianity. This next series is entitled “Getting Started with Christ” because its...

What Does God Want Me to Know About Myself?

This question and answer session gets a little more personal than the others in this series. In answering the question, what does God want me to know about myself, Pastor Leake explains why Jesus is so important you, specifically and what you need to know about...

Why Must I Believe in Jesus?

Sometimes when people are introduced to God and the Bible, they hear that Jesus is the only way. Why is it so important to believe in Jesus Christ? Listen along as Pastor Leake explains this important principle.

How Can I Come to Know God?

In this session of the Discover Series, Pastor Leake answers the question of how can you come to know God? Where does He reveal Himself? Do we come to know Him through experience, dreams, the Bible? Listen along for answers!